The Perks of being a Wallflower

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My lovely friends,
i just watched one of my favorite movies (i guess it will be) in 2013.
It's filmed after a book, i saddly havn't read it but i am sure i will someday. You know i read a lot so i probably will read it soon.
Anyway, i watched the movie today and yeah what should i say i loved it.
The story i about a boy who is the typical outsider but the interessting thing is that there is a story behind. I dont want to tell you guys too much here because i want you to read/watch it by yourself.
Furthermore there is a lot phylosophical stuff in the movie.  A lot quotes which i surely liked a lot.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

“He’s my whole world.”
“Don’t ever say that about anyone again. Not even me.”

Then I turned around and walked to my room and closed my door and put my head under my pillow and let the quiet put things where they are supposed to be.

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

Yeah guys, just watch it!
And the best would be if you watch it in english because things get messed up when they are translated into german.


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  1. klingt gut :-) bin mal gespannt

  2. Dein Header gefällt mir suuuuper gut!

    lg Klaudia