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I love the city and finally spring arrives. But studying gets kind of heavy by now cause final deadlines and exams are coming up the next weeks.
So even i am writing essays and learning vocabulary. Suuuuuucks!
But i finished my first essay and my second is going well. Then we have a visual culture project, an interview for intercultural communication, lots and lots of test in english and an exam in art and culture.
So yes a lot of work and no real time to enjoy spring. But on tuesday we are going for barbecue <3 finally some outdooractivity! and maybe we ll find a ball for some sports too!
Love you all!
Here are some Phone pictures, thats why teh quality is so bad :*

We hate you Carina!

Ein kühles Blondes?

Tiramisuuuuu <3

Unser Fööööhn

Ohne Worte

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